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Belts are variable in adjustment for size.  Below is a general guideline:

Small: 29" - 35"

Medium: 32" - 39" 

Large: 36" - 43"

XL: 40" - 48"


Resolution Gunfighter Battle Belt

Battle belt, war belt, MOLLE belt, whatever you call them, we call ours the Resolution.  Why?  Because it is the answer to all the problems that other battle belts have.  You need two rows of pals webbing to mount all your gear, however to do so, typical battle belts become 3”-4” tall and can’t be worn comfortably or need to be worn over your standard belt and become overly bulky. 


We use micro loops to create two miniature rows of pals webbing that still allow all standard MOLLE gear to mount to it.  We make all of this fit on 1.75” riggers belt webbing.  The riggers belt come with an AustriAlpin D-ring Cobra buckle.  The built in D-ring limits the amount of space taken up on the belt and the Cobra buckle allows for a quick-release fit while still being a load bearing buckle. 


The belt comes with an inner liner belt that serves two functions.  The inner belt is 2” of heavy duty SCUBA webbing which creates a rigidity to the belt which prevents the belt from rolling or sagging when mounting heavier equipment.  This inner belt can weave into your standard BDU’s to hold your pants up while the outer layer velcros to the inner belt.  Now you can remove your battle belt without un-weaving it.  This elimantes the need for wearing two belts, a riggers belt and battle as this two in one belt design covers all the bases. 


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