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Available Flavors

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SHIELD Electrolyte Hydration - Powder Singles

With nothing artificial, half the sugar, and all the essential electrolytes you need for everyday life, SHIELD® hydration products are packed with purpose. From being clean and clear with refreshing flavors, to containing key ingredients that your body knows how to naturally process, this is healthy hydration that you can consume all day long.

SHIELD® is low calorie, low sodium electrolyte hydration to keep you hydrated and feeling great all day. Our new consumer pouches are sturdy, resealable and perfect for grab-n-go. Try all four flavors in the assorted pack or mix-n-match your favorites for anytime hydration.

  • Healthy hydration that's easy to tear open and drink, anytime, anywhere

  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup or artificial sweeteners

  • No chemical preservatives, added colors or anything artificial

  • Refreshing flavors that are not too sweet but just enough

  • No grit, grime or bad aftertaste

Available in Multi-Pack or Single Flavor


  • 32 Count SHIELD® Powder Singles

  • Mix (1) single with 16.9 FL OZ of water, shake/stir and enjoy

  • Always on hydration, easy to transport

  • Real fruit flavors: Berry (raspberries & strawberries), Lemonade (lemons & limes), Orange (mandarin oranges & tangerines), Pineapple Mango (pineapples & mangoes) 

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