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T.H.E. Mamba sling can be mounted, to virtually any sling mount location, quickly and easily on most weapon platforms being fielded by the US military.

T.H.E.™ MAMBA™, Universal Combat Fighting Sling is a COMBAT PROVEN one-sling-fits-all system that can be mounted to virtually all weapon platforms; M-4, M-16 / AR-15, Bolt Guns & Shotguns. T.H.E.™ MAMBA™ Sling also allows users to select the carry method that works best for them, Three-Point, Two-Point, or Single-Point.

Descriptions & Features

  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Quickly and easily sets-up on most weapons platforms being fielded by the US military; M-4, M-16, M-14, M-24, M-40, SR-25, Mk-11, Mod. 0, M-249, M-79, M-107 and various shotguns.

  • 3-POINT, 2-POINT, SINGLE POINT: Allows weapon to be set up as a Three-Point, Two-Point, or Single-Point sling.

  • AMBIDEXTROUS: Easy set-up for left or right-handed shooters.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Multiple carry and shooting options and "Power Strike Zone": stretch feature allows wearer to strike an opponent with the weapon muzzle while the weapon is still slung and in ready position. The original MAMBA™ Sling was the first sling to include this feature.

  • INNOVATIVE: The "Uni-Link" Buttstock Strap feature allows the user to mount the sling without the cumbersome adaptors and failure-prone hook-and-loop attachment points found on other slings.

  • DURABLE: Exclusive Hybrid tubular web is super strong, abrasion resistant and virtually twist/tangle free.

  • COMFORTABLE: The 1.25" width of the shoulder strap distributes the weight of the weapon for a more comfortable carry.

  • BATTLE-BUCKLES PATENTED SLING SPECIFIC HARDWARE: Utilize innovative armored ruggedness built in to the design that will meet and exceed the most demanding performance standards.

  • EXTRA THICKNESS: at critical stress points make this the most durable buckle ever made.

  • ROUNDED PROFILE: Reduces snagging and improves buckle performance.

  • SPEED RELEASE: allows the weapon to be easily released while wearing the sling.

  • RIBBED DESIGN: provides maximum impact resistance and additional gripping surfaces.


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